i'm gonna' make you laugh

These photos actually made me laugh out loud - I hope they can do the same for you! 
Goodnight, friends! All taken from my Pinterest Board, "LOL".

it's so true..... lol

to be organized

This is my goal this next month. I plan to raid my closets - toss the clothes that are too worn, don't fit quite right, or I'm just plain tired of and donate them. I am not a fan of clutter - and my closet is quickly turning into a mini episode of "Hoarding - Buried alive". Too much laundry to do and too many clothes that I simply don't wear often enough to keep.

So that's my closet plan. New closet makeover (economically of course - HELLO Nordstrom Rack/Heartbreaker/Coupons!!) for the new jobski. 

When I was browsing the blogosphere last evening I stumbled upon this AWESOME post by {Serenity You} and just had to share! She has some fabulous ideas to keep your home tidy and organized without making it seem like a true "chore". 

Here are a few of her tips that I LOVED and will totally be implementing ASAP. 

{Serenity You}


So now here come the Q's....

  • What tips do you have for making chores seem not so "chore"y?
  • What is your least favorite Chore? 


Week 2 Bloggette of the Week - Melissa from {living holland}

{hi everyone!!} My name is Melissa from the blog Living Holland. I'm VERY excited to be guest posting here this week! I am a BRAND NEW blogger and look forward to finding other fun blogs to follow! 

Ok then, a little about me. I'm a 26 year old Wisconsinite. I was brought up here in Wisconsin and will more likely than not die in Wisconsin, which I'm 100% ok with! I have my masters degree in Social Work from UW-Madison, which is one of my biggest accomplishments to date. I work in for the state in a minimum security prison, which is my DREAM job. It is also very interesting. When I tell people I work in a prison I usually get tons of questions, so if you're curious about prison life...ask away! haha :)

Aside from school and work, I recently became engaged (12/17/11), and am in the beginning stages of wedding planning (YAY)!  I am a HUGE fan of doing things myself, so I am definitely taking advantage of that during wedding planning. So far, I plan on doing my own invites, flowers, centerpieces, and am willing to try out any project that will make our big day feel very US (and cheaper)! A little about my fiance: His name is Blake and he's the coolest guy ever (he is in the picture above). If you have any great DIY wedding ideas, feel free to let me know! :)

In my spare time, you catch me spending time with my friends & family, watching reality tv, knitting, running (I'm training for Grandma's 1/2 marathon in Duluth), doing yoga, reading, or BLOGGING! :)

I'd absolutely LOVE it, if you stopped by and followed my {BLOG}!

Thanks Lauren for having me! :)

{Over and OUT!}


THANK YOU Melissa!!! Go check out her adorable blog today! 

Do you want to be a "Bloggette of the Week" - send me a message via the "Contact Me" tab at the top of my blog! You could be next! :) Have a great night, friends!

getting the itch

for SPRING!!!! I love love love Winter - but really - what is up with this crappy, freezing rain stuff? May as well be Spring if you ask me! Traditionally... Spring isn't among my top 3 seasons (1. Winter 2. Summer 3. Fall), but this time of year - I start getting the itch.

I can't wait to go shopping and pick out a few new pieces for my new job!! There are so many awesome perks to my new job - I just can't wait to start! Here's a little inspiration that I threw together this evening via Polyvore. Now to only be able to afford 99% of these pieces. lol.

  • What is your favorite season? 
  • What are you looking forward to this Spring?

who would you like to forgive?

Today I am linking up with Amanda from {Raising Miss Mommy} and answering the questions, "Who would you like to forgive?" This is not an easy answer for me. There are many people who have come and gone in my life for reasons that sometimes I can explain, and others that I cannot. It is never 'easy' letting go of a person that has played a major part in your life. However, sometimes - it's best to cut loose and look to the horizon. 

I don't know if there is one person I would like to forgive. I have spoken with so many of my friends about this topic alone - especially lately. Naturally, I am a born-fixer. Grew up a fixer - always trying to mend my parents back together... friendships that were lost... and relationships in general. Serving as a "mender" or "fixer" is draining and as I've gotten older I've come to better terms of what is and is not worth mending. Truth is - I'm exhausted.

Forgiveness on the other hand is something that takes quite a bit of strength. Reaching out to someone who has done you wrong and telling them face to face, "I forgive you" is not easy. Additionally - that doesn't always go over the best when the other person thinks that you were in the wrong. So... admitting one's faults is the only way I have found to truly have a conversation and mend things to the point that you feel it should be mended. 

In the end - I think I've forgiven those that have truly made a significant impact on my life and only those that have really hurt me have I not tried to mend things with - which has been very hard. 

Sometimes it's best to just let things be though too. Drama/pettiness/competition/mean-heartedness/unnecessary stress in one's life is just too much. I've posted about this before - and I hold true to what I wrote then. Sometimes you need to 'let go' of things that have happened. Maybe just 'letting go' is okay..... 


  • What do you think? 
  • Do you think everyone needs to offer forgiveness? 
  • Are there exceptions?


what 20 words describe you? {linky party}

Okay - {Pinterest} got to me again! I found this quick, cute website where you can create word art for free and had to try it. It also inspired my idea for today's Linky Party!

What 20(ish) Words Describe You?

Check out {wordle} to create your own collage and feature it on your blog! It'll break up your Wednesday. :)

Here is mine!

Link up! :)

[ p.s. be sure you're 'linking up' to your 20 Words post! :) ]


big news!

It's official! I got my dream job.

I apologize for not keeping you all posted on my past month's journey on the job-front but here I will try to catch you all up! 

Currently I work for my family's company - it was a move I made back in October (when B and I were married) that made perfect sense. My family's company needed someone to come in - design marketing materials, update their websites, create a new business model and have someone that would serve as my dad (the owner's) right-hand-woman. It was the perfect choice at the time and I have loved working with my Dad on a daily basis over the past five months. The flexibility in my schedule was fabulous and the feeling of achievement I have gotten from it has made it a really great move for me.

In that time... I was contacted by a representative from my new job that I had interviewed with last year when I was deciding where to go after my job at the ad agency was coming to a (needed) close. The job I had interviewed for last time ended up being a contract position that just was not what I wanted to pursue - but I told him to keep me in mind in the future for openings. Well, sure enough - an opening came about that happened to be absolutely perfect for my skill set. 

I got a call about a month ago (just before our {barbados} trip) from him regarding this new position. He had mentioned what it was all about and wanted to see if I was interested. 

After a few weeks of consideration - I decided it was the right fit for me and pursued applying for the position! I spoke with my Dad about the opportunity and he was extremely supportive and understanding - but a little sad to not have me helping him out on a daily basis. :( This was super difficult decision to make. Hardest I've made actually in a very long time. Leaving the family business felt like I was leaving my family behind in a way - so having my Dad support me as he has, has meant the world to me and really helped this transition to go smoothly. 

Well, I sent in my application materials - got a first interview in person last week - then was contacted (just a couple days ago) to do a second interview. Well, I'm in TX on business so it had to be via phone. After we discussed it a bit further, I was offered my DREAM job!

I CAN'T WAIT TO START! It is going to be without a doubt the most difficult and challenging job I have ever had - but also potentially the most rewarding. I'll be combining my interest in Information Technologies, Communications, Policy Management and Operations all into one career. I am thrilled.

Anyway - that's the story! I'll be starting my new position on March 19th! 

Just another example of not ever giving up on your dreams. Don't settle for anything less that what you think your fullest potential is. Dream on, ladies!!!!


Bloggette of the week! {Amanda from Raising Miss Mommy}

Hi everyone!  My name is Amanda from the blog Raising Miss Mommy.  I'm very excited to be guest posting here today!  Among my friends I am one of the first ladies to have a baby.  I always have so much fun when friends ask me questions about pregnancy, birth, and mommyhood because I will tell them things that they are a bit shocked to hear happens.  The road to mommyhood is different for everyone but it's still easy to relate to the experiences or give you a more real idea of what can go on.  Here's my account of the things that not everyone tells you.
don't be too jealous of my awesome polkadot pants :)
The Beginning {finding out there's a little nugget in you}

Our bundle of joy came as a major surprise, but the emotions were just the same.  Scared, shocked, happy, nervous, anxious, excited...just to name a few. You might ask what made me even take a test since we weren't trying to have a baby?  No, it wasn't because I had missed my lady time but because I just had this weird feeling.  My body just felt different.  I had been having a ton {and I mean practically constant} of heart palpitations.  I didn't think much of it until I found out I was pregnant and looked up unique pregnancy symptoms and that was one of them because you heart has to adjust to all the extra blood that is starting to go through your body.  After about 8 pregnancy tests it finally hit me that this was for real.  Went to the doctor to confirm and there was a little nugget in there!  Did I mention that I was also peeing a ton???  I know you always hear about how frequent trips to the bathroom can signal a pregnancy, but they don't quite explain that it's like feeling like you already have to go again after even finishing your current bathroom trip.

The First Trimester {the part where you want to stuff pillows up your shirt so people think you look pregnant not just bloated}

After getting past the initial excitement and shock that pregnancy brings you want everyone to know that you are in fact pregnant, but not by telling them.  You want people to look at you and say "awwww what a cute lil' pregger"!  For me the whole first trimester was feeling and looking like I had stuffed my face at the fair and participated in a drinking contest.  Clothes got a little more snug but there wasn't really a belly to show for it.  This is also the time when crazy lady pregnancy brain kicks in.  I was paranoid about everything.  What I ate, walking past smokers outside, wondering if it could hurt the baby to wear to tight of pants, when did I need to stop sleeping on my stomach... I could go on and on. The reality of it is what is meant to happen will happen.  I was so worried that I would do something to cause us to lose this little blessing, but for the most part it's out of your control.  Yea you need to be more conscious of what you eat, don't smoke or drink and those common sense things but in the end your body and your baby are amazing things and know what they are during through this whole process.  I spent so much time being paranoid about everything and anything that I stressed myself out more that I should have been, which is one of the worse things you can do.  It's hard but tell yourself to chill out!  And for this beginning stage, shout it out loud {I'm pregnant!!!!}.  The belly will catch up :)  I was also lucky to never really get any morning sickness, but if you do try to remember it's all worth it and you'll feel better soon!

The Second Trimester {looking pregnant and feeling great}

I don't have much to rant about for this trimester because it really was the cat's pajamas.  Out of nowhere I had a belly, I felt great, we found out the sex, I could finally feel the baby moving around, and the world could physically tell I was pregnant.  It was glorious.

The Third Trimester {so you say I could be pregnant for 10 months?}

When everyone thinks of pregnancy they always think 9 months, when in reality if you go full term you are pregnant for 10 {yes 10} whole months.  And let me tell you once you get on the home stretch it just drags on.  I couldn't sleep because when you only have your left or right side to choose from for sleep positions your body gets a little antsy and not to mention I couldn't go more than 3 hours a night with out having to use the bathroom.  During the second trimester it's exciting to first have a true pregnant belly but now there's this huge thing protruding from you that has a mind of it's own.  Your skin itches because it is being stretched so tight, your back aches, and you just feel heavy.  It still is wonderful but no one really tells you the toll it takes on your body on a day to day basis.  Emotions begin to really get out of control now, you're way hormonal and getting so anxious to meet your little baby that start getting mad that they haven't decided to show their face early.  I didn't get any stretch marks until the last couple weeks of my pregnancy which just added fuel to my hormonal fire.  Also after ten months of not being able to poop you've had enough.  At this point too you have weekly doctor visits which is a pleasant reminder that the stork does not in fact peacefully place your baby in your arms, it has to come out of you.  Talk about terrifying.  Maybe ten months of mental preparation should have been used more wisely?!  Nothing can prepare you for what you are about to go through.  Trust me, we did all the classes, read all the books, watched movies... you think you know or have a good idea as to what it will be like... you don't.

The Birth {the most painful, beautiful, amazing experience you will ever have}

Labor hurts, that's just a fact.  I could try to describe what contractions feel like when they're bad but all I can say is it's the most painful thing you will ever experience.  They just take over your body.  After we took our peanut home from the hospital my fiance told me the only comparison he had was that at one point he thought I looked like Emily Rose.  If you get paranoid and crazy like I did that also means you probably have a perfect little plan in place for your pregnancy and labor/birth.  That's all fine and dandy but I can almost 100% guarantee that it won't go the way you planned.  I was absolutely certain I was not going to use any pain medication or an epidural.  Well after 27 hours of intense and tough labor and only dilating to 3 centimeters you bet I gave in and got that epidural.  Best decision I never made in my labor plan.  I was also induced and that definitely wasn't part of my plan.  I wish I had had more of an open mind about things, I could have avoided a lot of pain and stress {not to mention everyone around me probably wouldn't have been as terrified of me as they were, resulting in a more pleasant experience for all}.  But then the time comes where you give birth and they put your little baby on your chest.  Everything else you just went through is like a dream, nothing matters.  The only thing you see and feel is your new little baby and the bond and love you have for you new little family.  It's more beautiful than words can describe.

Going Home and the First Few Days {so we get a manual for this thing right?}

As if the first car ride with your baby isn't scary enough, you get home and there's no more nurses telling you what to do.  Where's my manual?  What the heck am I doing?  After the adrenaline from having the baby is gone you are quickly reminded what your southern region has gone through.  It hurts and sitting around isn't going to do you any good.  Get off your butt and walk around, it's ok to take your newborn out.  They will survive.  As for your sore, chapped and blistering nipples?  That gets better too, don't give up.  Rub some cream on there and walk around topless and air those puppies out.  Stick with it and you'll be a pro in no time.  This is also when you realize that other people want to help and hold the baby.  This too is ok, it will still always be your baby.  Daddy wants to feel like a parent too, he didn't get the joy of feeling what it was like to carry both of your child for so long.  He might not do things the way you would, but that's ok!  The first couple of months go by so fast that you won't remember how tired you were, how uncomfortable you felt... you'll just remember how amazing this little gift is.

out for a walk on our first day home from the hospital
Well I hope I didn't scare you too much!  I would love for you to visit me {blog}{Facebook}{Twitter}!  Want some more mommy advice?  Let me know, maybe I will do a follow up post on my blog :)

Thank you Lauren for having me!

Thanks so much, Amanda for being my very first "Bloggette of the Week"! Check out her blog and adorable little one!

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10 All-time Fave Products {linky party}

Okay - I've been sharing with you all a lot of inspiration, life lessons and personal stuff - so I though I'd lighten the mood a bit and share with you some of my ALL-TIME favorite products! I'm making this a {linky party} so link up, folks!

What are your 10 all-time favorite products?

1.  Photoshop! I seriously love Photoshop. Not only for my business - but I love being able to spend a lazy Sunday manipulating photos, creating new buttons/headers and any graphic design work! It's my creative-escape!

2.  Maybelline's "Unstoppable" Eyeliner. I've been wearing it for years and have NEVER found an eyeliner that goes on as smoothly, lasts as long and doesn't smudge like this one does! Plus, it's affordable. I'll never switch!
3.  Simple's "Kind to Skin" Moisturizing Face Wash. I just started using this stuff and even blogged about it {here} and I LOVE it! It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. Plus, I have not had any breakouts since using it. I have combination skin so it's hard to find something that works well for me - and I think I found it - finally!
{simple skin care}

4.  TIE - Essie & OPI Nail-polish. I love both!!! I love my Essie nail polish because it dries quickly and seems to last for quite a while... BUT, I love OPI because of the variety of ever-changing colors and wide brush. It also lasts a long time too! P.S. if you're looking for a great top-coat, try Sally Hanson's 'No chip' top-coat or their '30-second' top-coat. 

5.  ANY candle by Slatkin & Co. I love the multiple wick candles by Slatkin & Co.! They last forever and smell amazing. I rarely buy anything else. Plus, they come in the BEST Bath & Body Works scents.
6.  Morton's Nature Seasonings. We use this stuff all the time. On freshly cut cucumbers, a little bit of Nature Seasonings makes the BEST, healthy snack! The hubs and I do this all the time. Not to mention how awesome it is on Chicken and veggies before they hit the grill!

7.  Physician's Formula Powder-finish concealer. Been buyin' this stuff forEVER. I will never get anything else either! I use the 'fair' concealer every day to cover my under-eye circles and blemishes. I love that it's not harsh on your skin and lasts forever. Plus it's not cake-y like most concealers - just natural and smooth. 

8.  Caribou Coffee. Hands down - best coffee in the world. Yep I said it. Starbucks is too bitter for my taste and Caribou just simply hits the spot. I love all of their brews... and especially my drink of choice - a Medium Cold Press coffee w/ 1 pump of White Chocolate. TRY IT! I dare you! (it's the least amount of calories for a blended drink you can have and it tastes great!)

9.  Nike's LunarGlide Running shoes. I have a knee injury (slight meniscus tear) that has never healed so finding the right running/walking shoes is super important for me. I have found them! Nike's LunarGlide Running shoes are super light-weight and help to keep my feet stable without rolling in or out when I run. So far, I haven't had any problems with my knee in months! 
10.  TOM's shoes. I am obsessed. I am so not a fad-fashion person - but I love TOM's so much so that I wore them at my wedding under my dress (see below). Not only do I love how they feel like slippers but that the company donates 1 pair of TOM's to children in need for every pair sold. It's a part of their {ONE for ONE} program. Very cool and makes me feel good about wearing them. 

So... there ya have it folks! Now it's your turn! Link up below and share your "10 All-time Fave Products"! I can't wait to read yours!


Valentines day & a Q!

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentines Day! I'm not a big fan of the "Hallmark Holidays" myself... but getting flowers and a meaningful card from the hubby quickly made me re-think my reasoning. :) That being said, we had a pretty casual Valentines Day. Complete with fresh Walleye (for me), Steak (for him), grilled veggies and for dessert - home-made fondue and dippers!

It all turned out SO good I had to share my recipes!

Now, B cooks mostly - but last night I took on the Walleye and dessert - so here are those recipes:

Walleye (1 serving)
What you'll need:
  • 1 box of Panko 
  • Half & Half Cream
  • 1 egg
  • Salt & Pepper (Sea Salt is best)
  • Fillet of fresh Walleye
  • Butter for fry pan
  • Whisk
  • 1 larger bowl to hold cream/egg
  • 1 large plate
  • 1 large fry pan
  • 1 baking pan
  1. Set stovetop to medium heat and melt butter over fry pan - let coast
  2. Set oven to 350 degrees
  3. On large plate - dump out enough Panko to cover plate - don't mound it on though!
  4. Add salt and pepper to Panko mix to taste
  5. In bowl combine 1/2 cup of Half & Half and 1 egg (mix until totally blended)
  6. Dip walleye fillet in cream/egg mix (let walleye soak up mixture a bit)
  7. Transfer walleye fillet into Panko mixture and coat entire walleye with Panko mix
  8. Place walleye fillet on fry pan and fry/flip until both sides of fillet are golden brown and cooked through
  9. When walleye is cooked from stove-top place on non-stick baking pan and bake for 15 minutes
  10. Remove & Enjoy!! :)
It was SO good! This is actually my Mom's recipe that I can't wait to use again and again! Okay, now on to the Dessert.... FONDUE!

Fondue (serves 6-8 people)
What you'll need:
  • Electric Fondue pot
  • Skewers for dippers
  • 1 bag of dark chocolate morsels (10 oz. bag)
  • 1 small carton (smallest one at the store - can't remember oz.) of Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Dippers (Bananas/Strawberries/Marshmallows/Golden Graham Crackers)
  • Whisk
  1. Turn on Electric Fondue pot to setting "4" or Medium heat
  2. Pour Heavy Whipping cream into pot and let it get to a simmer/light boil
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract to Heavy Whipping Cream and whisk together
  4. Slowly add dark morsels (1/2 cup at a time) until entire bag is used - stir together
  5. Continue until all morsels are melted and one consistency
  6. Turn Electric Fondue pot down to "3" or a Medium/Low heat
  7. Serve with dippers!
Here is a photo of the finished product and our dippers! IT WAS AMAZING. I seriously have so much left over too! Can't wait for more dessert and to bring this to book club!

And now for the Question of the day...
  • What is the BEST Valentines Day you have ever had? Who did you spend it with? What did you do?


    5 moments I would live over again {listable life}

    It's that time again... another linky party with the fabulous {Moments that Define Life}! This week's listable life is for 5 moments I would live over again. Honestly, this is tricky because I feel like I have truly lived these moments to their fullest - but retrieving them from my memory and repeating them would probably be fun. :) So, here goes!

    1.  Seeing Ben as I walked down the aisle with my Dad... hearing my Dad say, "Slooow... just take it sloooow... Calm... keep calm and take it sloooow" (I was booking it to the alter - way too excited). 

    2.  Floating on our rafts, drinking "Jammin' Punch" with my hubs, younger brother and Mom in the Caribbean just off the coast of Barbados while the rain fell on us this past month. Amazing memory.
    Little bro is in the center - this was just before the rain started - we were snorkeling with Sea Turtles :)
    3.  Waiting in line with my brother for Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom when I was 10 and he was 6. So excited we were going to pee our pants and promising each other to "never fight again" haha.
     4.  Singing "Time to Say Goodbye" with my High School concert choir for the last time before we went out to sing the National Anthem at my High School Graduation. It was an incredible moment. 

    5.  The day that my now husband proposed to me in the middle of Apple Jack Orchards. It was so perfect and so emotional for me. The day my "Happily Ever After" began. :) (these next three photos were from that day... October 1st, 2010)

    What about you? What 5 moments would you relive?

    • Would you relive any key moments?
    • Is it as hard for you to think up these as it was for me? (took me 4 hours!)


    7 x 7 blog award

    Hello fabulous friends!

    I was recently nominated by the fabulous Amanda over at {Raising Miss Mommy and Little B} for this awesome award! I love her posts - they are always so inspirational and give me baby fever!

    Number 1:  Thank the person who nominated you.

    Thanks for the nomination, Amanda! (you rock my socks off)

    Number 2:  Share 7 things about yourself.

    Okay... seven things about me... most of you will know many of these things already - but for my new linky followers and bridging bloggettes - here you go!

    1.  Born & Raised in MN! Right down to the "uff-da"s and hot-dishes.
    2.  I have a very eclectic taste in music. I LOVE listening to a variety of genres of music. My favorite artists include: The Civil Wars, Bon Iver, Gotye, Michael Jackson, Ellie Goulding, Muse, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon, Christina Perri, anything from Wicked on Broadway, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Led Zeppelin, Death Cab for Cutie, the Beatles.... the list continues!!!

    3.  I have moved 20 times in my life. Yep - crazy, right? I am the product of a family that likes to move, renovate, upgrade, downgrade, hop cities and never stay in one place for too long. As a result, however - I have learned to LOVE my home with my hubs and remained very comfortable with the one home we've had together for the past two years. Who knows what will happen in the future though!

    4.  I am a total geek-chick. I love technology... coding... processing... trouble-shooting and new developments in the tech-world! I spend way too much time working on my various websites, but it makes me happy. :)

    5.  I hated reading until this past year! Seriously, did not enjoy reading in the least bit until I finally found a genre that I love - that being dystopian, climactic, fiction - typically with a strong female character and plenty of sexual tension. Call me a young-adult book junkie. Oops. Check out my books and reviews {here}.

    6.  I miss Choir the most of every subject in High School. It was quite a while ago (10 year reunion coming up in 2015), but I still remember the warm-ups and every choir concert. :)

    7.  I am a type-A chick with a clean home but a messy room. (working on that). Blame it on way too many clothes (thanks Heartbreaker for making way too cute stuff) and towels. Thankfully, I have a husband that does not mind my occasional messiness - that I am truly working on.

    Number 3:  Share 7 of your blog posts that fit into the following categories

    Most Beautiful:  I guess I'd say my {stepping stones} post was pretty near and dear to my heart just because it was about my little brother. The beauty of love for a sibling is pretty hard to top.

    Most Helpful My {a diy inspiration} post was pretty creative! I can't wait to try it myself!!!

    Most Popular:  So far it has been my {diy project + skin care review}!

    Most Controversial: I'd have to say my {forgiveness + power} post. Although, I don't really think I'm too controversial!?

    Most Surprisingly Successful:  Again, I'd have to say my {diy project + skin care review} post! I didn't think it was a big one that would bring in comments but I LOVE that it did!!! 

    Most Underrated:  I think my {pinterest fitness} post about how important hard work and determination is and that good things don't always come easy. It's an important life lesson!

    Most Pride Worthy:  My {8 things I'd tell my younger self} post was definitely something that I was proud of. It took a bit of confidence to write in a public forum about trying parts of my past that I have learned from - but I am happy to share it with others. 

    Number 4:  Nominate 7 other bloggers.

    These are some fantastic bloggettes that I have had the privilege to follow now for a little while! Check out their fabulous blogs about food, relationships, life as a mommy and exercise! 
    1. Fawn from {Happy Wives Club Blog}
    2. Kat from {Tenaciously Yours
    3. Nicole from {Moments that Define Life
    4. Amanda from {little b
    5. Tanisha from {Andrews Family Happenings
    6. Roeshel from {The DIY Showoff}  
    7. Jordan Marie from {Holding on to the Little Things
      Thanks for checking it out! Feel free to link up!

    what does your joy look like today?

    I found this linky party over at the lovely Ms. Amanda's blog - {Raising Miss Mommy} and had to do it. 

    Today, my joy looks like this....


    Well, B and I have decided to do a low-key Valentines day this year and finally use the Fondue set we got for our wedding! We'll be staying in tomorrow, watching "Breaking Dawn Pt. 1" (if I can twist his arm enough), snuggling up and enjoying some chocolate covered marshmallows and fruit. I can't wait. The first two Valentines days we spent apart - so the past two have been extra special. Here's to Love in the small things! :)

    • What are you doing for Valentines Day?
    • Do you have any fun traditions?


    a diy inspiration

    Hey friends! I found this on a blog that I love... {IKEA HACKERS} and I had to share! How many of you purchased your college dressers/first home dressers/cost-effective dressers from Ikea? Chances are they may be the classic, MALM dresser!? Retails for about $80-$180 depending upon size. Anyway - I came across this post and had to share!

    Turn your Ikea dresser into a customized, design-savvy piece of furniture that is easy to use over and over again in many different rooms! This example was used for a babies nursery! How about that? Definitely going to keep this in mind when the babies come....


    {ikea hackers - click for directions!}

    Well, that's all I've got for you folks! Off to "Wives Weekend" up north with my ladies - be back Sunday! Here are a few Q's for you for the time being...

    • What is a DIY project that you've conquered? What was it? How'd you do it?
    • What one DIY project do you want to conquer?


    diy project + skin care review

    Okay, for starters I have to share this super-awesome DIY project that I found on {i spy diy}! Seriously it's adorable and will be my next project. I challenge you all to go for it too! Instructions found {here}. Here's a photo of the finished result. In love. 

    Super cute, right? Right..

    Okay, now onto my own personal DIY project. My skin! I posted about this a few days ago on my More Resolutions post about how I wanted to add a resolution to my 2012 list... that resolution being to take better care of my skin. Well, I got some feedback and went out and purchased some products (see below). I'm happy to report that so far - all of these are working great! My skin is feeling soft and the middle-school breakout extravaganza is finally subsiding! Here's what I've been using!

    *My favorite products so far are marked with hearts! (sorry about the toothpaste - it's great stuff too though!) These include: 
    1. Moisturizing Facial Wash by Simple
    2. Healthy Skin Eye Cream by Neutrogena 
    3. Day Cream & Night Cream by OLAY Complete
    Now, apart from these awesome products - I've also changed from using my washcloths to cotton balls! I can't tell you how much better my skin feels. For a while there (blame it on the sleeping in mascara/eyeliner or dry winter...) my eyes were literally feeling cut up and burned when putting on eye liner. I think it's because of the washcloths I was using. So, I've reverted to using cotton balls and I love it! I don't know why I never tried this before but I'm noticing a huge difference. 

    So now... fabulous followers... I'm interested to know...
    • Do you have a specific beauty routine?
    • What products/tricks do you stand by?
    • Have you ever tried a DIY project that succeeded/what was it?



    Today was a good day. Blogging has consistently showed me that simply putting your words out there truly can make a difference. Even small things like little walks and watching your favorite TV show (modern family), can turn a day around. In this busy world it is easy to be consumed with stresses of the daily life but being able to turn it all off at the end of a busy day is truly a luxury. :-)

    • what do you do to get away from it all?

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