5 moments I would live over again {listable life}

It's that time again... another linky party with the fabulous {Moments that Define Life}! This week's listable life is for 5 moments I would live over again. Honestly, this is tricky because I feel like I have truly lived these moments to their fullest - but retrieving them from my memory and repeating them would probably be fun. :) So, here goes!

1.  Seeing Ben as I walked down the aisle with my Dad... hearing my Dad say, "Slooow... just take it sloooow... Calm... keep calm and take it sloooow" (I was booking it to the alter - way too excited). 

2.  Floating on our rafts, drinking "Jammin' Punch" with my hubs, younger brother and Mom in the Caribbean just off the coast of Barbados while the rain fell on us this past month. Amazing memory.
Little bro is in the center - this was just before the rain started - we were snorkeling with Sea Turtles :)
3.  Waiting in line with my brother for Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom when I was 10 and he was 6. So excited we were going to pee our pants and promising each other to "never fight again" haha.
 4.  Singing "Time to Say Goodbye" with my High School concert choir for the last time before we went out to sing the National Anthem at my High School Graduation. It was an incredible moment. 

5.  The day that my now husband proposed to me in the middle of Apple Jack Orchards. It was so perfect and so emotional for me. The day my "Happily Ever After" began. :) (these next three photos were from that day... October 1st, 2010)

What about you? What 5 moments would you relive?

  • Would you relive any key moments?
  • Is it as hard for you to think up these as it was for me? (took me 4 hours!)


  1. Visiting from Blog Frog :)

    This is such a great post and your blog is super cute. You've inspired me to start thinking of my personal top 5...a lot to choose from!

    1. Thanks Devon! I love Blog Frog!! :) I love designing sites... I change my blog layout a lot so check back often! hahaha. I'll be following yours now too! Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. Your wedding dress was GORGEOUS! I kind of wish I could do my wedding dress over again now that there are so many new styles that are just breathtaking. Mine was a little plain ;-)

    I see you have a linky at the bottom of your post...is it connected to my linky in some way or are you hosting your own linky?

    1. Hey Nicole!! Your dress was beautiful!!! I do have a linky at the bottom! Honestly - I'm new to the linky thing! haha. Still trying to figure it out! Usually I use it for the Q's at the bottom of my post but it hasn't been too popular yet. Trying to figure out the best way! Any suggestions?!?? :)

  3. It's crazy to think about how much I miss music in my life sometimes. It's something that I took for granted for so long and it's only in the past few years that I've begun to realize how profoundly it shaped the way that I see and experience some things.

    There are so many moments I would like to relieve, but like you, trying to figure out where to start would literally take hours.

    1. I completely agree about the music thing! It really is amazing! I know... coming up with this post took a long time! I really like looking at Nicoles blog above! She always has awesome posts like this that make you really think!


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