steals & deals! ..and a little thing about VEGAS!

So, I've been to {Heartbreaker} in Uptown, but never out here in Excelsior!!! What a pleasant surprise. I got lots of fun stuff that I found on my {Pinterest} for CHEAP! Here was what I found!!

....all for $60!

I'm obsessed. I may need to go back when it comes time to buy fun things for VEGAS!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, baby. Me and three of my best girls (Kaki, Les & Leah) are going to be leavin' on a jet plane to the city of sin, LAS VEGAS!!!! We're going in August (yes... we know it'll be 120-something degrees, no... we're not crazy) and staying right on the Strip at the fabulous {New York, New York Hotel & Casino}. We got a great deal through travelocity and couldn't pass it up.

You'll notice on my pinterest board I already have an entire Vegas wardrobe wishlist and inspiration... {check it out!}

I want to shop. I'm getting into the spirit of summer FINALLY and just wanna let loose and snag up all the fabulous deals goin on right now! How 'bout that 1/2 Yearly sale at {Nordstrom}. Yes, please!

That's all for now.


style. weather. & stress.

Okay, it's been quite a while since posting my last passionate post. lol. Glad I didn't get any hate mail from it either.. maybe it enlightened some folks! Maybe not... Anywho - topics of post include: style, weather and stress."

Style - I am obsessed with the website, {Pinterest}. Click the link and you'll be hooked too. That's my Pinboard that you're seeing. Along with everything about my style. I will be posting more screen shots of my style board now... (can't you tell I'm a little into it?!)

On to Weather. WTF. Yes, I said it... Tornadoes?! I can't believe how much has happened in the past two weeks in our country from storms. It is so sad what happened in Joplin and even close to home in North Minneapolis. So many families... lives lost... homes destroyed. :'( Praying for those families. Here is a photo I took outside our house on last Saturday when the storm cell was right on us. It might be one of the scarier times I can remember in recent history. Home alone with Mae Dae... it was an unsettling feeling, especially knowing that B was out driving home... yikes. I'll let you check out this photo and make your own decision.

I have video from the funnel clouds too, but that's enough for now... yikes.

On to stress.

So many things going on. So little time. Deadlines. Events. No time for rest. Rush. Rush. Rush. Sleep. Wake up. Rush. Rush. Rush. Work out. Sleep. ....I'm ready to break this cycle. I think next year will be a real eye-opener. Having just TIME to be with my man and family... it will be nice, although I will miss some things.

Welp, that's all folks.

ciao ~ LC


politics, shmolitics.

I never say that I "hate" anything... until right now... I HATE people that side with a particular party (whether it's dem's or repub's) simply because of a few issues or because of what they grew up understanding.

EDUCATE YOURSELF. There are so many issues out there that are a bigger deal than just one issue... it's the big picture, people.

Yes, I am a moderate Liberal - and proud to be. I am thinking about my future and that of my family.

Why I am a moderate liberal: I think about tomorrow (our environment, our economy, the future of our country), I think about how ruthless spending today to big oil and various coorporations is going to hurt us in the long run, I believe in EQUALITY in every aspect (gay marriage = right - okay, call it something else but give those who love one-another incentives too, women should have the right to do what they need with their bodies - with some exceptions *more on that later), ALL people deserve the RIGHT to have an education - whether you are born into a particular situation or disability or not (the American dream, right?!), we should pay taxes - get over it... how do you think our country has money to build roads - protect natural resources - build schools and produce jobs?! *how much we are taxed should be discussed and we should all be taxed equally as comparative to our salaries (there, I sound a little conservative, don't I?), we should get out of the War slowly now... we got Osama and fabulous information from Al Quida - now it's time for our boys and girls to start coming home... we are NOT the Police of the world, CEO's/Big Oil/Large salaries of executives should be capped at a certain level - too much is being taken advantage of with stock options and various other means of building an individual's paycheck (um, hello - I'm looking at you UnitedHealth Group), I should be able to freely speak my mind (amen, blogs!) :) how do people become educated on issues if they don't hear the other side's arguments and suggestions?! (I'm looking at you Congressmen/women), and lastly on that same vein - I LISTEN to other sides of issues and freely accept compromise (I understand this doesn't specifically make me liberal - but it does make me moderate).

Maybe these things are simply an example of how politics perhaps should be... right now our government is a poor display of unity in a country. Instead of fixing problems, both sides are acting like children - ignoring the issues at hand because they can't get their way or won't listen to the other side. To those in government - GROW UP. *I'm looking at you Governor Walker*. Walker is a sacrificial lamb for the unjust Republican party who is trying to simply put more dollars in the pockets of big business and not think about the implications it has for the Middle-class (there will be no middle class with the expulsion of Union rights etc...) and general working public! Think about this - what are some of the largest employers in the U.S. besides the military? EDUCATION. HEALTHCARE. ...and you Sir, are wanting to abolish rights to those Union members so that their pay will be hitting a glass-ceiling. Who is going to want to do that? While also putting money in the pockets of the Koch brothers by initiating policies that make it legal to sell utilities to anyone of your choosing (i.e. the Koch brothers)... hmm, so you're creating a glass-ceiling for those that need the money and a state that needs the jobs and giving more money to those that do not need a PENNY more than they already do not deserve?! Interesting thought, quite hypocritical if you ask me.

About our President - Obama did what he promised he would do. He captured and removed a vile man from the face of the earth - Osama Bin Laden. He kept his promise. I get furious when people are constantly going after him about his birth certificate. You got your proof now drop it?! Now.. people are saying that it's fake!? Oh. My. Gosh. You need to focus on more important things. I'm looking at you, crazy conservative blogger (and there are many more out there).

As for political media. Fox News - I would like to throw a giant pie in your face. lol. But not only Fox... there are a few liberal shows that I would also like to do the same. Rather than make our country look like a mockery to the world - how about lets support what is going on or offer suggestions that are constructive? The kind of journalism (yes, I was a journalism major in college and graduated - here's your proof) that is done is pitiful. Sculpting views is disgusting. Rather than asking directed questions like, "Didn't you think it was demeaning that President Obama did... XYZ.." how about, "What was said at XYZ?" or "How did you feel about the President's response to XYZ?" I'm just tired of it. When Bush was in office (Yes, I was on the Bush campaign trail!) you rarely saw such horrible journalism - and I would have noticed being a supporter of his. Of course, every President will be criticized, but really...

There are many examples of how Fox has manipulated the news to create a stir in the public... here is a site about some recent examples. Also, who could forget THIS on the O'Reilly show. Splicing together footage from a violent protest down south with the peaceful protest at Madison. Wow. Just wow... how low will they stoop?! Again, both sides may be guilty of some manipulation.. but come on...

Okay, so there was my rant. But now you maybe see where the beginning of my post was going.

I am educated on issues. I have some conservative thoughts and some liberal thoughts. I like to talk politics. I can't stand when people argue for one side based on one issue and truly have no idea about why it is that they consider themselves republican or democrat. It goes both ways. I enjoy hearing others' opinions and do take them to heart. I just hope our government starts acting like adults and does the same.

In closing, here is a direct quote from the Declaration of Independence: "all people have unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that it is the purpose of government to secure those rights, and when government becomes destructive of those ends it is the right of the people to abolish their government". What do you think?


busy bee.

oh what a busy weekend!!! two back-to-back weddings and a ton of editing to get done as well. not to mention, getting more things sorted out for work today!

Being thrown in is the best way to learn, I have found out. Currently, I'm working on three projects for my co-workers, E and M. Helping with research, implementation, recipe-testing for clients (yum!) and even a T-Shirt design for my client! It's all very exciting and I've come to find that it's the best way for me to work.

I also am excited about some things coming in the mail very soon! I've ordered Jose Villa's "Fine Art Wedding Photography" and some fun things from Anthropologie.

{Jose Villa} is extraordinary in the Wedding Photography industry. I like to say that I am creative and try to be cutting edge, but this man has revolutionized what many think of as "wedding photography" and truly coined the phrase, "fine art photography". Any who - this is his book and I cannot wait to read it and get inspired. Can this rain please go away?! I've noticed that in my aging... I have also developed allergies at the change of the seasons. Not fun. Thus, I am drinking Peppermint tea and locking myself indoors for the next week or so (which I will probably need to do anyway to get through the 1,000+ photos I need to edit. Yikes.

More soon ~ Enjoy your Monday!

(I would recommend Pandora - Train today)



what serious bloggers need

Okay... what draws you in to a blog? design? content? overall aesthetics?

I believe it's a mix of all of these things... but one important, key piece is PHOTOS. Maybe I'm just a sucker for photography being that I own my photo biz but I do think it's a necessity! Crisp, clean photos are a perk and helps you stand out from the crowd in a big way.

There are many kinds of learners and searchers... audio - kinesthetic - and visual. I am a visual learner and person in general. I like to see what is going on in the lives of those I follow and fully immerse myself in those lives or emotions. What kind of learner are you?

Now... as you can see from some of my posts on this blog - they ain't the highest quality.. but when it comes down to it - I'm workin' on it. :) I also know that not everyone has $1K to spend of a spendy DSLR, or a purse large enough to carry it around 24/7.. but even some mobile phones give GREAT results! The iPhone 4 for example has 5 megapixel sensor. Not too shabby! I, myself have 383 photos on it so far (spring cleaning of the phone is coming soon...) So try that! Pick one up!

Need camera purchasing advice?! Here goes.

GO TO NATIONAL CAMERA EXCHANGE. There are many locations and the help is extraordinary. I have bought all of my DSLR's from NatCam and will continue to go there. If you need ANY help - their staff is always ready to answer any questions you may have and their prices ain't bad. PLUS - if you're a vintage junky like me, you'll love their collection of vintage cameras and lenses.

My top pick for small point-and-shoot camera = Canon Powershot S95 retails for $399
  • 3" LCD screen/10 Megapixel/ ISO = 3200/ + super compact & light!
My top pick for Digital SLR = Olympus Evolt E620 retails for $699 for the body + 14-42mm lens
  • ~3" LCD screen/12.3 Megapixel/ VERY lightweight/ durable/ economical!
So... there ya go. That's my info for the day!


p.s. I'm dreaming of this....


New job.

It's day 3 at the new job and so far so good! I love the commute. Love the co-workers. Love the view. Love the tasks. Love the ability to self-manage. Love the atmosphere & overall just love the change.

It is much quieter than my last position - but that will happen in an office of 6 currently (boss is in Greece - lucky duck!). :)

Things I miss: My co-workers, Kristen, Ann's laugh, Devan's sarcasm, Heather's heart, carpools with Josh, Brittany's smilin' face, the lunch-table & the general spirit.

Change is good though. My new co-workers are amazing to me. They know so much about the clients they represent - I strive to be the best at what I do as they do and display daily.

I figured I would post a few photos on here so you can all see my new digs! Here they are!

Well, there ya have it! More soon!

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